Our Equipment

CNC / Traditional

CNC Machining Center 

CNC Turning Center 

Manual Knee Mill 

Manual Engine Lathes 


Heat Treating 


Polishing / Finishing   

Welding / Fabrication Equipment

 Miller Spot Welder 

Miller Wire Welder 

Miller Arc Welder 

Miller Syn Crowave Welder 

Mig Welder 

Roll Press 

Whyson Shear 

Bentley Press Break 


Deburring & Polishing Equipment 

Inspection / Quality Control

All our equipment is calibrated and issues with certifications traceable to NIST standards. 

ASTM-E1267 “Standard Guide for ASTM Standard Specification Quality Statements. 

Starret Inspection Gages 

Brown & Sharpe Height Gage & DCC Gage (CMM) 

Mitutoyo Precision  Equipment